WINZ Payment Cards

Payment cards are an easy way for you to pay for goods and services from our shop that accept them.

The payment cards look like Eftpos cards. WINZ load them with a cash balance so you can buy approved items. The balance is either loaded onto a card you have already, or a new card if you don't have one. You can use the card in our shop, and please make sure spend any balance loaded onto your card within 7 days. It’s important to use your payment card to buy essential items only, it depends what you've applied for, and you can talk to a Work and Income staff member about this.

How the payment card works

They work like an Eftpos card, and once your payment's been approved, WINZ'll confirm with you that the money's been loaded onto the card and it's ready to use.

Select your item and head to the checkout.

Swipe the payment card through the EFTPOS.

Enter the last 4 digits of the payment card.

Sign your name to complete the payment.